The problem with Truck accidents

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Trucks are very big and dangerous machines. Imagine what it would be to be in a truck accident! Imagine that, on top of that you are not the one in the truck! Trucks have an overwhelming weight difference with most other vehicles that are not also a type of truck. 

And it is a very unfair scenario for a person that was driving a smaller vehicle. Trucks may damage smaller vehicles to the point of totally destroying said vehicles after a collision. The brute force of these collisions can end the lives of multiple people at the same time. The fact that they can take so much distance to break fully is also a scary thought.

After considering all this, you may want to protect yourself from these types of vehicles especially if you think that you frequent an interstate highway or a freeway that has exceptionally high truck traffic. California is one of the states in the US that stands out in this sense.

The problem with heavy vehicles trucks around smaller ones 

Driving a truck satisfactorily requires many hours of successful driving, focus, skill, and a responsible approach to driving (which includes watching for signs of tiredness or sleepiness on the road). Responsible truck drivers know when they had enough for the day and when they need to stop and have a full night of sleep. However, not all truck drivers are like this, and this will inevitably put people in their surroundings in danger.

What usually happens with truck accident victims

Many victims have their morale affected, and rightfully so. They may have lost a loved one in the accident or may have sustained permanent injuries, and their bodies are not the same as before.

In many cases, the previously exposed points may lead victims to abstain to file a lawsuit of any kind or to press charges to the one responsible for the accident. We insist that with our help, you can be sure that you will at least get monetary compensation for your injuries or property damage. 

What can you do to get compensation after truck accidents? 

We have lawyers and examiners prepared to manage insurance agencies that attempt to pay as meager the amount as it can reasonably be expected. Sometimes they even try to pay even less than the amount expected by the victim’s own insurance company. The attorneys at Krasney Law can help you confront the people responsible in the accident that affected you.

We can file a claim to the truck driver’s insurance company or the one of his employer. Sometimes even the truck driver may not have all the responsibility in the case. It could be the case of a malfunction in the truck’s performance. Whatever it may be, please insist and press charges if you were the receiving part on an accident of this kind.

Things to consider in the aftermath of a truck accident

If you can move on the scene of the accident, it is a good idea to move around and check on others, but do so with caution and following the instructions we present below:

-The first thing to do in this scenario is checking for your own passengers. Immediate medical help may be necessary, so do all you can and call an ambulance as you as you are able to.

-If you don’t have any passengers, go check for other drivers or even pedestrians that may have been involved.

-Abstain from moving people that are not conscious or report pain on any part of their bodies.

-You should report to the police if there were any deceased in the accident, or any mayor material goods damage.

Things to be vigilant of

-You must write down the badge numbers and names of the officers that came to the scene, weeks later you will need this information to get the report of the incident.

-Take the names, license plate numbers and contact information of all the drivers that took part in the incident.

 -Look for witnesses and try to get their version of the events registered somehow. 

-Take as many pictures as you can of the incident. Don’t hesitate and do it with any device you have available. 

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