The benefits of Thermoplastic Splinting

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It is essential to keep your the range of motion and avoid the soft tissue from shrinking to to perform functional tasks as well as use your legs and arms. In time it is possible to use thermoplastic splinting utilized to achieve this. flexibility of movement . Thermoplastic splinting is a method to boost the range of motion at the wrist, hand at the wrist, elbow, shoulder in the trunk or lower leg. The advantages of splinting made of thermoplastic include:

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  • Greater flexibility of movement
  • Greater functional use of the leg
  • Weight bearing has been improved.
  • The joint is now more aligned.
  • A better physical appearance for the leg
  • Greater confidence
  • Reduced pain
  • Joints with less stiffness
  • It is easier to maintain your personal hygiene
  • Splints are easy to apply and braces
  • Reduces or eliminates the requirement for a surgical procedure
  • A pain-free splinting process that is not painful

What exactly is Thermoplastic Splinting?

Thermoplastic splinting is an treatment method utilized by physiotherapists who specialize in neurological rehabilitation at to preserve the range of motion and stop joints from becoming tight as well as tight. It is often seen when a person is unable to move their limbs independently because of the presence of a neurological disorder.

In the aftermath of a neurologic injury, like an stroke or brain injury the brain does not always transmit the right signals to muscles. This may mean that muscles are instructed to contract in a repetitive manner, making them short and tight. With time, and without physical therapy the muscles and limbs could be stowed in a bent posture.

Thermoplastic splints are used to enhance or preserve mobility along with an effective therapy program for physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist will offer the splinting procedure and exercises at home to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this beneficial treatment method.

The material used to make the splint is warmed to create a mold of the limb of the person and straps can be put on to provide secure positioning and ease of use. Thermoplastic splints may be designed for all joints, including the elbow, hand knee, knee, foot, and ankle.

What is Thermoplastic Splinting Function?

Thermoplastic splinting keeps the range of motion by keeping your joint at a position that allows for stretch for a longer amount of time. Because of the wear of the thermoplastic splint over several hours, the physical properties of the muscle alter and adjust to their new location. The extended stretch offered by the splint can increase muscle fibres as well as length of tension by a rise in serial sarcomeres inside muscles. Sarcomeres form the fundamental part of muscles that expand and contract to facilitate movement of the leg. The muscle tissue expands and the muscle tissue is repositioned collagen fibers in the connective tissue that stimulates growth of the muscle. It is essential to maintain the stretch by splinting regularly since the muscle will shrink again if the stretch is held.

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