How to Use Facebook Jobs for Hiring

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Facebook Successful hiring starts with getting the job right in front of the right people. And Facebook is where most people around the world spend most of their time online.

Although Facebook has never been used for hire, the site now allows US and Canadian companies to post job openings and welcome applicants. Job posts are shown to fans of company pages, such as regular Facebook posts, who may reshare with friends who might be interested in the opportunity. Hiring companies may also provide demographic statistics showing job postings based on location, employment history, their field of study and other features that help them to contact the right people.

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In this blog post, we will consider the entry and exit of Facebook Jobs to determine if it will be a channel in your favor.

How posting a job on Facebook works

Let’s start by going through the steps of posting a job on Facebook. It is a simple process but requires a lot of practice. Here’s how it works:

Job opening should be set up and posted on the official page of the rental company by the page manager.

Candidate-filled applications are basic and not very customizable. They were asked to provide their contact details, work history, education and a brief answer as to why they were eligible for the company.

The company finds and updates all applicants via Facebook and can check their profile for more details.

Candidates provide their phone numbers in the application but the hiring manager can also contact them with the Facebook Messenger feature.

Tips for hiring on Facebook

As with any help channel, there are strategies that hiring companies can use the opportunity to make the most of Facebook Jobs. Here are some ways to enhance your post.

You can submit your full job description but the post title should be limited to ten or fewer strong words for people to notice.

You should use an eye-catching image to match the post, just as you would in a typical marketing post on Facebook.

You can also post a video instead of an image. It is a great option if your company has a well-produced video for rent.

Really use the identification function so that your opening is in front of the right applicants. One of the great things about Facebook is that people provide a lot of information about themselves.

Encourage your employees to reshare your job openings with their network.

Consider paying for the “promoted submission” feature to enable your job openness.

If you are going to post a lot of work on Facebook, it makes sense to have a dedicated “hiring” page to keep your marketing posts separate from job opportunities.

Disadvantages of using Facebook Jobs

Posting your open jobs on Facebook is a great way to reach the right people. However, it also comes with disadvantages. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

As you check your applicants on Facebook, their details are not available in your applicant tracking system (ATS). Your hiring team should move between two locations.

The Facebook app is basic and cannot be customized, making it difficult to learn about candidates before talking to them.

Opening can eventually be shown to more people. While that is not a bad thing, it can lead to a few inappropriate requests that take time to be reviewed.

Takeaways on posting jobs on Facebook

At first glance, the ability to post jobs on Facebook is an acceptable development. Almost everyone has a profile on the site and interacting with the right people can enhance your company’s hiring efforts.

However, Facebook activities are incorrect for the reasons outlined above. You should evaluate its effectiveness, as you would with any new help channel, and determine if it is worth the time and effort your team is recruiting.

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