How to design electrical panel for a building?

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The design of the electrical panel for any building is one of the significant issues that should be handled very carefully in order to reduce the chances of errors if any. The electric panel should be set up in such a pattern that it should reduce energy consumption and hence safer for your pocket.

The design of the enclosures and the switchgear should well meet the tight deadlines and price pressures so as to get best electrical equipment, packaging, and wages at best possible price. The power distribution of the network technology is another most important thing which you should handle very carefully.

With the rising demands of the customers; more customized solution along with short production times, high-quality switchgear and proper installation should be done at a low cost. MEP electrical engineers take care while continuing the compatibility of the data and systems at both starting and the ending. Here, we are going to explain you in brief about the electrical panel for a building.

Design of the electrical panel for a building

The design of the electrical panel for any building is one of the significant challenges of the manufacturers in order to improve the engineering approach. Most of the time the MEP electrical engineer use innovations in order to raise their competitive advantage. People use the latest technology to update the classical control panel wiring transformation. Each time any evolution within the control panel is being designed and manufacturing; the engineers probably enjoy the various favorable outcomes.

The engineers create the electrical cabinet in such a way that it fully supports the technical approach. The back panel should also be perfectly designed so that you can safely adjust all your required electrical devices in it. One of the main important things that you should keep in mind while designing and manufacturing the electric panel of any building is to create a design which can easily control a processor machine within the suitable time. You should also look forward to innovating new designs to make the entire circuit an energy saver. An industrial setting of an electrical panel should include the following components to make it perfect one:

Transformers: Transformers is one of the major requirements of any electrical panel which enable it to step down the AC supply voltage to the lower levels which further helps in preventing the various electrical appliances to be got damage from the higher voltage.

Power contacts: It is another most important thing that you should need to take special care of. It helps you in enabling or disabling the power of the machine manually with the help of simple e-stop buttons.

Terminals: Terminals are one of the most critical parts of any electric panel which help you in connecting your electrical devices with the electricity.

Fuses of circuit breakers: Fuses act as the primary point with the mains and the household electricity. When the excessive current is being drawn from the mains; it causes the power to fail to save the electrical appliances from being damaged.

Grounding: Grounding is the perfect way through which you provide a path for the current to flow down directly to earth in case of an electrical fault.

Enclosure: It is the last but not the least thing that you should need to have for designing an electric panel. People mainly use it for protecting the equipment and users from the accidental contact.

Things to keep in mind

Main things that you should keep in mind while designing electrical panel for a building are: –

  • You should need to check whether all the devices penetrating from the enclosure have a comparable IP rating for the entire system or not.
  • All the labels, push buttons and lights you are going to should be placed evenly.
  • You should place all the rotator switches at the suitable place where they can be easily operated.
  • The touch panel should be mounted straight for the clear vision.
  • Persons use the devices on the door should well capable of surviving the maximum supportable weigh in order to avoid any conflict during the various operations.
  • The arrangement of the devices you are going to use should follow the sensible ergonomic concepts.


MEP electrical engineers play a significant role in designing electrical panel of a building. Building construction be should adequately manage it to meet the best results in future. Just have a look at the above-described features and needs before installing the electrical panel for a building and enjoy the best results you ever had.

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