Ghost Manuquin Service at low cost

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We know about photo editing or video editing. There are different parts of this sector. One of them is Ghost Manequin Editing. Many of you may be the first to hear this. It is a Photoshop editing service that is widely used in the business sector. Please read the full article to know more about it.

What is a ghost mannequin?

Ghost Mannequin is a kind of editing where photoshoot of any garment can be done without any model and it is made in full 3D dimensions. It is also called the Invisible Mannequin Effect. Basically those who are cloth merchants have to take product pictures for their business page or website. In this case, Ghost Manequin technique must be used to create a look that can make a dress look real without a model. This method can be used to create full 3D or 3D images of clothing. She was edited in exactly the same way as she was seen wearing model clothes. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Uses of the Ghost Mannequin Effect

Using this ghost mannequin effect, all mannequin marks on the product are removed and the product looks like a three-dimensional image. These activities are done only to present the product flawlessly. Here the editors use Photoshop to remove the model or mannequin image and all marks from the product image and give the product a three dimensional look. You can take mannequin service at low price worldwide from online agency.

How to create the Ghost Mannequin Effect

To create the Ghost Manequin effect, you need to follow a few simple steps. For those who are new to the business, this is described as follows:

1. Product photo shoot:

First you have to shoot the product. A perfect shot of the product should be used using any mannequin so that it can be used for later editing.

For this you have to use white background.
Collect some good mannequins so that their body shape is perfect.
However, in this case you can use the model.

White mannequin should be used in case of mannequin as white mannequin can adjust well with white background and it is easy to remove while editing.

Again, you have to pay attention to the adequate lighting on the product. If there is no good lighting, the picture will not look good and the editing will not be good. However, care must be taken not to become too bright lighting.

You have to take pictures of each product or garment at 4-5 o’clock. You have to create the image by editing from the one that will be the best.

Again, it is advisable to take multiple pictures of the product to give a three-dimensional look. You have to take pictures from different sides or angles.

Also, if you have multiple parts of your product, you must take pictures of all the parts properly.

Only then can it be given a three-dimensional form.

2. Present the product nicely:

It is also important to properly present products such as good lighting, mannequin colors and background colors.

In order to do a high-quality photoshoot, you have to present the product accurately and beautifully.

If there is an error in the image of your product, it will definitely not be acceptable to the customers.

So you have to keep an eye on the presentation of the product during the photoshoot.

If necessary, you can use the correct body model or mannequin according to the size of the product. Again you can sew it or pin it to fit the product.

Meanwhile, the camera angle should be taken properly so that the product looks beautiful.

3. Take pictures properly:

You have to take pictures of the product keeping the camera angle right.

Many people do not keep the camera angle right because the product looks good but does not look very good in the picture.

For this, considering the size, height, etc. of the product, it is necessary to take pictures keeping the camera angle right.

A good setup, lighting, adequate equipment, presentation, good quality camera and skilled photographer are very important for a good photoshoot of the product. All of these combine to create some ideal images of your product.

4. Effect rendering:

 Now come to the main work. Editing after photoshoot. You can create your own product image using the Ghost Mannequin effect.

This requires a laptop and a few skills. Those who have experience using Adobe Photoshop can do this easily

However, those who have not done this work can do it with outsiders. You can hire people who are good at this job to get your product editing done. This will save both your time and labor

Importance Of Ghost Mannequin Effect

The benefits of the Ghost Manequin effect are many at this time of online business. E.g.

This allows merchants to create a quality picture content of their product and use it to attract buyers.

Nowadays fashion designers also create their images using Ghost Manequin effect to promote their products.

This ghost mannequin effect brings a professional touch to the image of a product or clothing.

In conclusion, in the age of online business, such benefits are really commendable.

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